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Changes in 13.9 version

WordPress has very weak side in current point. For my opinion – it’s images. WordPress doesn’t have resizer on fly and once you upload any image, wordpress generates many copies of images. By default, 6 copies are generated + also some plugins and themes generate more copies. So, in some cases, you can have 15 images saved on your hosting when you upload only 1 image.

For this reason, we made custom resizer on fly. It uses wordpress functionality but working on fly (generates only one image size and only when it’s visible on site). Unfortunately, latest changes in Google web vitals recommend to use width and height parameters on images always, even if you have css resizing. And for this, we must use regular image logic of wordpress.

We tried to do this only in critical places like post, product loops, all other parts like external images, small images for widgets will still use resizer on the fly.

So, we must generate few additional images for theme now

smallgrid, minithumb, mediumgrid, large_inner

You need to regenerate thumbnails. Do this by installing next plugin Regenerate Thumbnails

After installation, go to Tools – regenerate thumbnails.

You can also skip this process, but in this case, some parts of site will use original image instead of resized, this can reduce speed of site.