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Post offer section

Post offer section is main option for Deal sites on Rehub theme. You can find it when you edit your post

if you don’t see this panel, you need to enable it in tools

Offer url is required field if you want to convert your simple post to Offer/Coupon post.

Ways to fill Post offer data

You can fill this area manually or via one of available integrations. We recommend to use Gutenberg integration, because this is more actual and comfortable way of using wordpress.

Gutenberg block

From 11 version of theme we added Gutenberg blocks, there are many blocks which can be helpful for affiliate sites. One of this block is OfferBox block. To add it faster, just type slash and “off” and you will see it.

Offerbox has option to fetch data from sites via url. Once you fill all data in block, you can autopopulate data to Post offer section

Check demo or find video how it works

Here is button to save data in Post offer section.

Manual adding fields of Post offer

In post offer section you can see price, brand logo, coupons, image, date of ending of coupons, discount tag, also, coupons can have reveal function.

The most important part is Offer url. Without this url, offer section will not work as expected.

Next important fields are Price fields. There are Old and Sale Price fields. This allows you to add offer with discounts. All price fields support simple text. This means that you can add not only price, but also any other text, like “Free price”, “Download for free”, etc, but don’t add too long text, 5-10 symbols are recommended maximum

Thumbnail field can be used to add here external url image. Then, you can install our special Fallback image extension and this thumbnail link can be used as your featured image (if you have no any in post). This allows to save space on site.

Coupon fields in Post offer section allow to add coupon to post, this will convert simple deal to Coupon deal. Check more about coupon functions of theme

There is also a special Field Discount Tag in the Post offer section. This field replaces featured image with a price tag, like this

This can be very helpful, because sometimes, product feeds don’t have featured image, so, you can place any text there instead image and it will look great without image.

Bulk importing with product feeds

Check separate tutorial how to use mass import for deal and coupons

When to save Post offer data

You don’t require to save data to post offer. If you just want to add offerbox to post or other nice looking affiliate blocks – you can use it without saving to meta. So, why do we need to save it?

When you have offer data in post, you can show price snippets on homepage and archives. Like this

Mostly, all post modules of theme support such snippets, but we recommend to use Deal list, Deal grid, Community list, compact grid modules. You can control modules of archives in theme options – general

Also, you can set special deal layouts for your category pages in theme option – general – category layout. This post offer data will enable additional snippet with price and button on category pages

Also, once you have saved post offer data, you can use special Post layouts. There are few Deal Post layouts (Compact, Button in corner, Big post offer block in top, Offer and review score) to place this Offer data in top of post.

Additional tips

Also, deal grid layout can be customized. You can choose what to show in deal grid layout in theme option – loop customization – Post Loop. If you want to disable inner links, you do this also in this page