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Advanced Cross Linking

Cross linking is very helpful thing when you want to improve seo of your site, add more content on pages and increase time when your users stay on site.

Cross linking can have different type and design, but it’s always links on pages of your site. The most simplest example of crosslinking is Related Post block on pages. We added a huge amount of possible cross blocks. If you want to add them to Products, you can use Advanced Custom Areas or using Custom Tab plugin For posts, you can add global blocks in theme option – ads option

If you want to show some content only on products with special categories, use shortcode

[rh_is_category ids=22]

Show content only for Product category with ID = 22


How to get category ID

For post category, use shortcode

[rh_is_category ids=22 tax=category]

Show content only for Post category with ID = 22


Simple list of links

Before creating this list, you must create special pages (like Samsung mobiles 20000 – 30000). To do this, use Page builder, each woocommerce and post module of page builder has many options to filter content. Example

Here you can choose category

Price range and even filter by meta field. For example, if you choose order By Meta value Number and set key “post_views_mon”, such module will show most viewed products in current month, so, you can create page like “Most popular phones under $200”. Check list of other interesting keys


here you can choose also taxonomy. For example, if you set here “store”, you can show products of special brand which you can add in your products

I recommend to add some text content on page for better seo purposes. We also added Ready page template “Elements: Top set page” in page builder templates

After your pages are ready, you can create simple list to show them in cross blocks. Use wordpress text editor and add simple text links. You can also use them inside columns shortcodes of shortcode generator

To get code of this list, switch on text view and copy code


Product Block

We have a great updated module “Simple Post List”

You can use it for posts, but also for products. The same as other modules, you can filter posts in list and show different type of data, then, copy code and use in custom areas

For example, latest most viewed products shortcode

[wpsm_recent_posts_list data_source="cpt" post_type="product" orderby="meta_value_num" show="6" image="1" nometa="1" border="1" columns="2" meta_key="rehub_views_mon"]

You can show it as list without image if you delete image=”1″. You can show it as 3 columns or without border. You can show list by price range

[wpsm_recent_posts_list data_source="cpt" post_type="product" show="6" image="1" nometa="1" border="1" columns="2" price_range="0-200" tax_name="product_cat" tax_slug="phones"]

Such shortcode will show 6 products from category Phones where price is under $200

You can create any combination. To get correct shortcode – create draft page, add there page builder module Simple List, choose all filters, then switch to classic mode text view and copy shortcode

Making automatic Cross links

In latest theme version we added special parameter which allows to make automatic List according to title. For example, you have Products on site and Reviews which are made in posts. All your products have name of products in title, like “Samsung S8”, “Iphone 7s”, etc. Your reviews also have titles like “Review of Samsung S8” or “Comparison between Samsung S8 and Iphone 8”. So, you can add cross links in your products which will get title of product and show all connected reviews which have the same title in content or in titles.

To do this, use, for example previous List shortcodes but add also next parameter


[wpsm_recent_posts_list data_source="cpt" post_type="post" show="6" image="1" nometa="1" border="1" columns="2" searchtitle=CURRENTPAGE]

for Blog posts

[wpsm_recent_posts_list data_source="cpt" post_type="blog" show="6" image="1" nometa="1" border="1" columns="2" searchtitle=CURRENTPAGE]

Attribute or Taxonomy Links

Sometimes it can be useful to show Links on different archives by tags, categories or attributes. For this, we have advanced wpsm_tax_archive shortcode which you can find also in Shortcode generator by Name  Taxonomy/Brand/Attribute directory 

There are several variants to use it. For example, if you want to show links on attribute archives

[wpsm_tax_archive taxonomy=pa_color type=compactbig]

This will show attribute “color”. As you see we use pa_color instead color, because all attributes in woocommerce has such prefix

Another example. You can show all child brands of Phone brands

As you see, I made brands as child terms of Phone Parent Brand category. This will allow to show brands only of Phones in Phone category. Shortcode for this

[wpsm_tax_archive child_of="22"]

I use id 22, because ID of my Parent Brand taxonomy is 22

How to find ID of category