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Configuring Attributes and specifications

Rehub theme has a lot of improvements in Woocommerce attribute system. Among them: Product swatches, attribute groups, dynamic comparison, featured attributes on product page and on archive pages

Of course, we support regular attributes, so, you must add them first. Later, you can convert them to different Product swatches (text tags, image tags, color tags, etc). Check our video how to do this

Additionally, all Attributes support now Attribute groups.

You can combine different attributes to groups. They will be visible on product pages as sections with subheadings (by default, woocommerce shows all attributes as one table). Also, when you create your product and add attributes, you can choose group and load them all in once instead of adding attributes one by one.

If you use Content Egg PRO version, you can automatically fetch attributes and save them in products. Read how to parse attributes

And, of course, you can create extended search filters based on attributes