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Versus pages

From 7.1 version we added some unique ways to make epic Versus posts. What is Versus Posts? It’s something like “Product VS Product” where you compare 2 or 3 products and give users some ideas which is better to buy.

We found that such pages have a really big love from google, so we added some templates and ready shortcodes for page builder.

First of all, check new demo for such pages


You can use two ways to make versus pages – via Elementor page builder and via Gutenberg editor of wordpress.

Versus Table.

This is a really great thing, for this, you need to use Versus Line module from page builder. It’s easy to use this module, just add new line, add content for 1 column and second column, choose background color (or leave blank) and choose which column must be not highlighted (to highlight value which is better). First line better to make with light grey background and add there images, so, this line will be as heading. You can also import whole page from Elementor

The same module is available in Gutenberg.

Next module which can be used is Woo Compare Bars

It’s available in Elementor as woocommerce module (it shows attribute values of woocommerce product), but also, you can add such bars manually in shortcode generator in Classic Editor as “Compare Bars”. How it works. You set maximum value of bar which is equal to 100%. Then, add each line with it’s value. Theme will count each value and show it in comparison with maximum value. This is great tool to show differences between two product specifications.

Also, when you make any comparison, maybe you want to add some small text who is winner. We added small helper inside Classic editor

Just click on icon and you will have emoji special cup badge in post