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How to add separate Blog section

In our theme we use Posts for deals and directory items. But it’s common need when you want to have separate Blog Posts section. To do this, go to  Theme option   General options   Enable separate blog post type 

After enabling Blog section – go to Settings – Permalinks and resave them

You can also change permalinks of categories, blog, etc. Don’t forget to resave permalinks after changes  Settings   Permalinks .

If you need to show separate section on your home page for Blog posts – use Page builder. Each post module of page builder has next option:

It’s in post modules of WP bakery. The same option is available if you use Elementor as page builder

You can also create page on your site and name it as “Blog”. Place there module from page builder with Blog posts. So, such page will be used as main archive page of your Blog.

How to add separate Blog widget area

Please, read how to do this in our next article

How to add sidebar post lists of Blog