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How to make top listings

For my opinion, such pages have the best conversion. What is Hub pages and top listings? I think you found them very often when you search something in internet. It’s pages like “Top camera phones in 2020” or “Top laptops under $1000”. Usually, you can see long page which is divided on sections and each section shows separate product or offer, it’s positives, negatives, some reviews, specifications, etc.

In last year, we added a lot of instruments to build such pages. Let’s see what you can use now.

Gutencon – High conversional instruments

Gutenberg editor is the future of wordpress, and even in the current point, it’s a high-quality instrument which makes your content much easier to add, preview and format. Rehub theme is the first theme that has unique Gutencon framework – a special set of tools for profitable websites. It has Post offer box, offer listings, Pros, Cons blocks, review blocks, special Color and Review Headings, Listing builder, sliders and much more

You can find some overview in video

Gutenberg Listing and offer modules

There are two basic ways how you create offer listings. You can assign offer data to posts or woocommerce product and then, make post listing. It will be a dynamic listing, once you change something in post, this listing will show updated data. In Gutenberg, you can find these blocks as “Post Offer box, Post offer listing, Woocommerce Listing”. When you add this block to page, you can only select posts, if you want to change data, you need to change it in post/product.

This way is good if you use any kind of mass import tools or custom plugins to import posts/products

Second way is to create static block. This block allows you to add data directly in block. These blocks have names “Offer box, Offer listing, Listing builder”. You don’t need to create separate posts/products for such listings and in the same time, they have the same look. Also, these blocks have option to parse product data from external sites to fill data more fast.

Elementor Listing

If simple listing is not enough for you and you can build very complex listing with filtering, attributes and custom design, you can use our special Elementor listing builder. This requires to use Woocommerce and you must create separate product for each item.

Here is video about Elementor listing builder

You can also use these listings as your main shop structure. Check how to do this in video

Ready Templates for Top list pages

You can use Elementor page builder to add a special page with more advanced layouts. See example

We added many ready templates for this. You can use ready template from page builder

Don’t forget to enable full width option before you import such pages

Content Egg listing

If you can spend some additional funds for plugin and you are interesting to show price comparison blocks, you can buy Content Egg PRO and/or Affiliate Egg PRO. These plugins are well integrated with theme and they can save a lot of time for you, because plugin can easily search and add Offer blocks with price update on your site.

Top pages with Auto contents

We also added some ready post and page templates which generates auto table of contents. This can be very helpful if you want to divide page by sections (for example, to show different offer in each section or simply improve navigation on page)

There post layouts have name Gutenberg Auto Contents.

Table of contents is generated by Color Headings and Review Headings Gutenberg blocks. Please, note, that table of contents will show Subtitles from your Headings blocks. In this way you can set different content for your Heading (which is great for seo) and for snippets for Table of contents (which is better to keep short and simple)

Also, this template support Post excerpt (you can add it in the right side of post panel) which is rendered after the title. It also counts the position of an item in a category based on the Editor’s Review score. By the way, you don’t need to make a post as Review format for this layout, you can also add ReviewBox block in Gutenberg.