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How to add cool category blocks

Category blocks are always one of important part of homepages on any successful e-commerce website. This is why we added several well designed variants to add category blocks on homepage (or any other page).

There are several modules and shortcodes for category blocks in theme. Several requires manual adding each category, other shows automatic category list. Manual modules can be used to show links to any page, not only categories.

Taxonomy Archive module Elementor

This is the fastest way to show category blocks on page. Simply use next module in Elementor

If you don’t use Elementor, you can use direct shortcodes on page, here is examples:

Taxonomy fast grid shortcode

This is most fast way to show all categories of your site. It’s just one shortcode which generates all images, links and child categories in 4 column format. It has next look

[wpsm_tax_archive type="woocategory" taxonomy="product_cat" imageheight="80" classcol="col_wrap_fourth"]

This shortcode is good way to show taxonomies if you have a lot of child categories. Example is for woocommerce category. You can add image of category when you create it in Products – Categories

If you want to show Post’s categories instead woocommerce categories, use next shortcode

[wpsm_tax_archive type="postcategory" taxonomy="category" imageheight="80" classcol="col_wrap_fourth"]

Taxonomy Grid shortcode

[wpsm_tax_archive type="storegrid" taxonomy="product_cat" rows=2]


[wpsm_tax_archive type="storegrid" taxonomy="product_cat"]

This will show category image + cashback notice of category. It’s not required to add cashback notice. Any notice can be used (add them in  Products – Categories – Edit – Cashback Notice  )


Cardbox is manual module. It means that it doesn’t show all categories at once. You can add static blocks on pages with card boxes, not only links to categories. There are two styles of cartboxes: compact and regular. You can find both of them in page builder

When you add cardbox on page, you can choose it’s design

You must place each cardbox inside own column, but there is also fast way to add ready grid with cardboxes on page. Use Ready template from page builder

Hover Banner Sections

This is really powerful block with unlimited possibilities. It shows Image as Background and Headings above it. Also it has cool animation on Hover. You can place any image, any text, choose place of text and size, color of text and link. Combine this block with other blocks to get very cool results.

Hover Banner can be found in Page builder Modules. You must place hover banner inside Column to limit space of banner (it fits full width of container). Grid from Hover Banners are also available in Ready Templates in Page builder

Category Box

Category Box is another cool way to show categories. It’s also available as Page Builder module with name “Category Box”. Difference from cardbox is that it shows all links automatically, you just need to set category ID. If category has child categories, they will be also added to category box. You must place each category box in own column, so, you must enable Multi Columns in Row in Page builder.

How to get taxonomy ID