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Custom sidebar and widgets

REHub theme has 1 sidebar area, 3 footer areas and Ecwid area. Sidebar widget area is used on all pages. Footer widgets works only if you enable them on page  Theme options   Footer Options . Ecwid widget area works only on page with Ecwid template.

Our theme has 9 () custom widgets with excellent functions. You can find them with names that begins with REHub.

Also all build-in WooCommerce widgets and standard WordPress widgets are customized to match design.

I recommend you to install plugin Woosidebar.

Woosidebar is very simple and useful plugin to manage and creating sidebar widget areas. For example, you can create new widget area for your WooCommerce shop pages. To do this, go to  Apperance   Widget Areas , create new area, click on  Advanced  tab, select WooCommerce and check all checkboxes.

Now you can add widgets that will display only on WooCommerce pages.

Sticky widget

REHub theme has many unique functions. One of them – sticky widget. It displays any custom HTML code (banner, ads, forms) in sticky sidebar when scrolling content below sidebar content. Use this function with widget ReHub: Sticky on scroll

Also, a good widget from 4.0 version is Top Offers.