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How to add filter panel in post loop

From 6.0 version of theme, you can add filter panel to any post loop on page. This is available in visual composer modules, so, you must enable it before. When you add any of post modules on page, click on settings icon.

In settings, you can see Filter Panel tab. Go there and enable it. Then, add all filters. I recommend to keep first filter as “Show all“, so, users can back to default sorting. You can set sorting by meta keys, taxonomy, commends and date of publishing. There is description with names of meta keys under each field. For example, if you need to filter posts by “Most hot” posts (based on Hotmetter module) – enable type of filter as “Sort by meta field” and set meta key post_hot_count. Also, you can add taxonomy dropdown in filter panel. For this, add name of taxonomy in last field. For example, taxonomy name of categories is “category“.