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How to make fake activity on site

When you create new site, especially, which is related to Communities, it’s important to make it look as popular and active. If you use any kind of counters, like view counter, thumbs counter, wishlist counters, and they have zero values, new users will feel like this site is not interesting. This is why we added another one bonus plugin RH fake activity. You can download it in bonus section in Rehub – plugins in your admin panel

It’s simple plugin which allows to add some values to meta fields and also have scheduled possibilities to add new values daily or by period of time.

Usage of plugin is very simple. You set key, set range of values and choose what to do

Let’s explain fields. Meta key is key where you need to add field which you want to update. Rehub theme has some special keys. Check them here In most cases you will use rehub_views, post_hot_count, rehub_review_overall_score

Minimum and maximum number is range of values. So, if you set 1 – 10, plugin will choose random value between 1 and 10

Select field is action to do when you click on Generate button. You can choose

Add to existed – this will add value to your existed value. Imagine that you already have some likes in posts and you want to extended it. For example, 10 likes. You can use this type to extend your value each day by some random value. For example, add additional 10-20 likes each day

Set new if not existed – this option allows to attach custom field if your posts have no field.

Overwrite existed – this option is for overwriting existed value. It’s different from “Add to existed” because it doesn’t add new value to existing value, instead of this, it’s overwriting it.

Option “don’t add to already processed” can be helpful if you already used RH fake activity on some posts and now you want to add values to new posts and not to posts which were changed early.

The schedule has option to set schedule for your actions. It’s useful with combination with “Add to existed” option.

When you add schedule to your fields, plugin will use CRON of WordPress. You can remove cron tasks in Tools – Cron Events