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From 7.0 version, theme doesn’t support YITH wishlist and we made our own wishlist which works faster. It’s enabled by default, but also, you need to create page where users will see their wishlist. So, create any page and add there shortcode


Next. You can add in header icon or menu item to show wishlist for users.

Wishlist Icon with counter is available if you choose “Shop/Comparison Header layout” in  Theme option – header and menu option – header layout  When you choose it, you will see additional field

Place url in this field to your wishlist page.

Also, you can place link to this page in your menu in appearance – menus. Check also how to add icon and right float to menu

If you use cache plugin on site, maybe you will need to enable support for cache in wishlist. First of all, go to theme option – global enable/disable and enable “Wishlist Button Support for Cache plugins”. Then, go to settings of your cache plugin and exclude page where you show user’s wishlist from caching

And don’t forget to exclude this page from cached pages if you use any cache plugin

By default, wishlist first click will add product to wishlist. Second click will delete product. You can overwrite this logic and choose your page with wishlist in theme option – global enable – wishlist. In this case, second click on wishlist button will redirect user on his wishlist instead of deleting item from wishlist

Wishlist button shortcode

If you want to add wishlist button to custom place, you can use shortcode

[RH_wishlist as_btn=1 wishlistadd="Add to wishlist"]