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Bulk import of offers

We provide several addons, each addon is made for special type of site and functions.

There are basically two kind of import which you can do: Deal import and Price comparison. Deal import (Coupon import) has only one offer per one Item. Price comparison import groups offers from different merchants into one product. Please, note, your feed must be prepared if you need Price comparison. You must have any unique value which can be used to group offers. Usually, it’s universal product identifier like EAN, ASIN, maybe SKU

Check video how it works

Before import to posts, maybe, you will need to create separate Store pages for your offers. Example If you need this – enable option to create store pages 

If you make Bulk import to posts and want to cloak offer links, use our RH Link Offer Cloaking. You can get it from Rehub – Plugins – Bonus plugins

If you want to cloak woocommerce links – use Plugin

If you want to cloak links of Content Egg offers, you can enable  Redirect  option in settings of each module of Content Egg

If you see message, that file “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons” – you need to enable csv file uploading on site. This is how to do this

WordPress All import PRO

We don’t continue to update addons for WPAI. But you can use current versions if you need

Third Party Extensions

There are also third party services which have integration with theme.

Coupomated – visit auto-pilot affiliate service