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How to add social icons or custom elements to header

What if you want to use icons or any other elements in header? It’s easy. Our header layouts have several code areas. Some of header layouts have next names

As you see, it has Code zone which can be added in Theme option – ads option – Header area

In this area you can use shortcodes or any other elements.

If you want to show social icons, add your links in theme option – social Media options. Then, you can use shortcode in header


If you want to add social icons in footer or sidebar, you can use widget Rehub: Social links in your sidebar and footer.

Also, in Shop/Comparison header layout, there is custom code area

Which also can be used for shortcodes.

Also, you can add small icons in Top line in header. For this, enable Top line in theme option – header option and add shortcode

[rehub_get_social_links icon_size=small]

To Custom Content Area for Top line in Theme option – header and menu option. You can also use any other text, html and shortcodes in these areas