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Ways to make price comparison site

Currently theme supports different methods how to add price comparison site. I will show you some basic ways.

Content Egg and Affiliate Egg

Content Egg plugin is the most powerful way. Plugin has free and pro versions. Theme has enhanced support for plugin, additional templates and functions. You can add shortcodes directly to post, you can use special Post layouts and even autoblog. Read more about plugin. Also some tips for plugin

Affiliate Egg plugin is  another plugin which can extend using of Content Egg. Plugin has special web parsers for many shops which doesn’t have own product API, but have good affiliate program. Read about integration of Affiliate Egg

Theme has bundled only free version of Content Egg which is enough for start. It’s fully functional version, difference with PRO is only in number of available modules.

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Both plugins have regular mode and autoblog. In regular mode, you need to create post or woocommerce product manually, fill title, description. Then, add offers from CE panel. It’s easy, just type keyword and choose offers which you want to include. Then, you have many ways to handle with offers. You can use one of shortcode directly in content or choose one of special Post Layout for Content Egg or Product Layout You can also mix both ways in any of orders and combinations. More unique combination you will find – more unique site you will have. Google like unique sites, visitors like unique sites, you will like profit from such site.

Autoblog is similar to regular way, but instead of creating posts one by one, you just create special autoblog task, set list of keywords and your template and plugin will create posts for you. We added really smart autoblog, you can create very good site using autoblog which will have no difference with quality website which is made by content team, but, we recommend you to play with regular way and find best combination of your modules and content before using autoblog.

You can also create comparison site with CE based on posts and based on Woocommerce products. There is the same logic in both ways but big difference in design. Woocommerce based comparisons will have more functions, more easy to control and extend. The most big feature of woocommerce offers is that they can have attributes and Content Egg can auto fill all product attributes. Later, you can use them for easy creating Search Filters

Posts have less functions, but they are more fast and better for communities, reviews, because they have such things like Thumbs metter, Review box, special User reviews section with criterias, scoreboxes, etc

So, my advice – if you want to create niche review site or deal site with price comparison – use Posts. If you want to have site with look of popular shop and less manual work – use Woocommerce

Product feeds

Most of affiliate networks provide product feeds (xml or csv).  So, you can use them with our theme. Many themes has similar option, but only our theme doesn’t require from you to prepare xml feeds with special structure. We don’t require this. You can use any feed, really any. The only requirement if you want to have comparison site which is based on feeds is unique ID of products. It will be very good if your feed will have EAN code or ASIN or any other universal ids of products.

For example, you have feeds from several affiliate networks and you want to compare prices for the same product. Now, do the next steps:

  1. import your feed to woocommerce products. For this, you can use any custom plugin. We recommend to use WordPress All import plugin. If you don’t have it, send us request (this is available only for buyers of theme). Here you can see how to make import
  2. While import, don’t forget to add unique ID from each offer item to SKU field of woocommerce products
  3. Next, go to theme option – shop options and choose Vendor comparison Product layout as default layout.
  4. Then, add to theme option – shop option – code zone near button next shortcode
    [wpsm_woocompare field="_sku" logo="product"]

    _sku is meta key where woocommerce stores SKU. So, theme will use this field and will show all available products with the same SKU in Product layout.

If you want to show logo of brands instead of logo of product, type “brand” instead “product”. You must also add logos of brands (check our video to see how to import brand logos while import of products)

Price comparison in Posts

Another way how you can compare prices is connect Post Review with Products. You can’t make any autoblog or bulk creating of such posts, so, this way is good to increase conversion on your site with additional posts. For example, you can create review of different products and connect this review with product list, so, users will see block of offers inside post. This way is very popular on tech sites, like Cnet, Techradar

For this way – make post as review format and assign products to post:

Top sets Pages

This is most profitable pages on your site. Usually, users get on this page when they search something like “best drones of 2017” or “best prices for iphone 7”, etc

We added many instruments to create such page. First of all, you can also use Content Egg and Affiliate Egg and place blocks from other posts/products to your Top set page. For this, use shortcode parameter post_id in output shortcode. Read about parameters 

The same thing you can use also for woocommerce products using shortcode generator (WooCommerce Offer lists or WooCommerce Comparison Lists)..

We also added many special helpers and other shortcodes. Check about Top list, Top offer compare, Top table 

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