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How to add price comparison lists

Currently theme supports different methods how to add price comparison lists. I will show some ways.

Content Egg plugin is the most easy way. Plugin has free and pro versions. Theme has enhanced support for plugin, additional templates and functions. How to use it? Very easy, enable module of Affiliate system, then type keyword – choose best offers – insert block to post with shortcode. For price comparison list – use Sorted list or Simple sorted list output template. Read more about plugin.

Affiliate Egg plugin is also our plugin which we created for support some shops which doesn’t have own product API, but have good affiliate program. Difference with Content Egg – that in this plugin you must add direct links to affiliate products. Plugin supports only definite number of shops. Read more about plugin.

Using WooCommerce and Product feeds (XML, CSV). In this way you will have separate section on site with deals (WooCommerce products) and Posts which you will use as Comparison pages. We added plugin which can import products to WooCommerce. I added early tutorial how to do this with plugin WP all in one Import. You can also use any other WooCommerce import plugin. After import, you can add list to post. For this – make post as review format and assign products to post:

Instead of assigning products, you can also use shortcode from shortcode generator (WooCommerce Offer lists or WooCommerce Comparison Lists).

Using Multi-offer section of post. Read more about this way here. I recommend to use Price comparison (Content Egg + Multi-offer) post layout with combination of Multi-offer section.

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