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How to create archive of all brands


If you enabled “store” taxonomy, you can create also special page to show all brands (stores)

If you need archive for woocommerce, use shortcodes

[wpsm_tax_archive taxonomy="store"]


If you need archive of stores of posts, use

[wpsm_tax_archive taxonomy="dealstore"]


Shortcode has some additional parameters and can be used for creating archives for any custom taxonomy. Here, explanation for parameters:


alpha is default type, so, you can use shortcode with this parameter. Such shortcode will show structured archive with sort by alphabet. If you add parameter


shortcode will output archive as list of tags. Example below. It can be useful for simple archives in sidebar.



Shortcode will show all logos for all available stores

Another parameter


You can add any custom taxonomy slug. By default, shortcode uses product tags

Note. Sometimes, you need to use product tag for set your store. This is useful, for example, if you use import plugins which add store name to product tag. You can add logo also to product tag


Will show only 3 items


Will randomize order of returned taxonomy. You can use it with combination with limit parameter

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