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Child themes

REHub theme has several free and bundled child theme which makes your design different from REHub and have some unique functions

To use them, download full theme package from Themeforest. Unzip file, you will see REHubWP-theme.zip inside, unzip it again. You will find several folders. One of them – child and bonus themes. Currently, there are 6 child themes:

  1. rehub-blankchild – is blank child theme. It doesn’t add any functions to theme, and you can use it if you want to add customizations to REHhub;
  2. rehub-pick – is RE:Pick theme;
  3. rehub-things – is RE:Thing theme;
  4. rehub-cash – is Re:Cash theme;
  5. rehub-direct – is Re:Direct theme;
  6. rehub-vendor – is Re:Vendor theme;
  7. rehub-wise – is Re:Wise theme;
  8. rh-grandchild-plugin – grandchild theme plugin for customization of child themes above.

For using child themes, just install them and activate.

I can’t find Recompare child theme. Where is it? Answer – there is no Recompare child theme, not all demo sites have separate child theme. Recompare demo site is made on Rewise or Revendor child theme