Child themes

REHub theme has several free and bundled sub sites which allows you to have different styles and designs for your site. Some of subsites are made on child themes (bundled with theme and free for buyers), some subsites are made on Re:hub without using child themes.

To download child themes, download full theme package from Themeforest. Go to download page and download all files

Unzip file, you will see inside, unzip it again. You will find several folders. One of them – child and bonus themes. Currently, there are 6 child themes:

Please, note, that starting from 9.0 version, all functions were merged to core of Rehub, child themes are not required now. You will need them for some demos, but you can deactivate after importing demos. If demo import doesn’t require to install child theme from you – you don’t need it. Activate Re:hub and make demo import as usual

  1. rehub-blankchild – is blank child theme. It doesn’t add any functions to theme, and you can use it if you want to add customizations to REHhub;
  2. RE:Pick demo uses repick which is required for this demo
  3. RE:Thing demo uses rething which is required for this demo
  4. Re:Cash demo doesn’t use child themes. Use Re:hub
  5. Re:Direct demo uses redirect which is required for this demo
  6. Re:Vendor demo and Re:market demo use revendor child theme
  7. Re:Wise demo and Re:compare demo don’t use child themes
  8. Re:dokan demo uses redokan child theme
  9. Re:cart demo doesn’t use child themes
  10. Re:tour demo doesn’t use child themes
  11. Redeal demo doesn’t use child themes
  12. rh-grandchild-plugin – grandchild theme plugin for customization of child themes above.

For using child themes, just install them and activate on page Appearance – Themes as you do this for any other wordpress theme. Child themes are working only with Rehub theme. When you update child theme, make sure that your main theme is updated and has latest version.

I can’t find Recompare, Recart child theme. Where is it? Answer – there is no Recompare and Recart child theme. From 9.0 version, most of child themes are merged in core of Re:hub and don’t require installation separate child themes.