How quickly add sliders, gallery carousels in post

For adding slider. There is super easy way to add slider with post images to post. Add any pictures from standart WordPress uploader.

You can add many photos at once, just hold Ctrl. When you upload pictures, don’t insert them in post, just close popup.

Click on shortcode button. Choose slider from post images shortcode in media section. Click to insert. And, it’s wonder. All images that you uploaded from post will be in slider.

Note, slider generates images with large size of pictures. You can change this size if you need on page  Settings   Media . Width of post content is 765px, so I recommend you to use it. And I like 400px height, but you can add any height.

For easy adding carousel of specified images or slider

Click on standard  Add media  button of WordPress. Choose  Create gallery  at left side, make gallery and insert it in post. No matter what gallery settings you set, so leave it by default. Then, go to text view of visual editor. In place where you added gallery you will find code like:

[gallery ids="1042,1041,1040,1043"]

Change word gallery to wpsm_quick_slider if you want slider gallery or to wpsm_minigallery if you need carousel, example:

[wpsm_quick_slider ids="1042,1041,1040,1043"]