How To add scorebox to sidebar

Imagine that you want to have score box in sidebar that always will be sticky in right side of page. For this purpose, I added scorebox shortcode in 4.7.6 version.


This shortcode will generate such block with review score, pros and cons and offers:

Shortcode has some possible attributes:

criterias=”user” – will show review bar criteria based on user reviews (if you have them);

criterias=”editor” – default. This will show review bar criteria based on editor criteria;

criterias=”no” – this will disable criteria bars;

simplestar=”yes” – will show quick star user rating in box;

proscons=”1″ – this will show Pros, Cons block;

prostitle=”Your title:” – this will change Pros block title (default is “Pros:”);

constitle=”Your title:” – this will change Cons block title (default is “Cons:”);

offerbtn=”no” – this will disable offer button in the bottom. Please, note. Theme has two possible ways to set offers: single offer and multiple offers.

ce_enable=”1″ – this will add additional available offers from Content Egg plugin. Only synchronized modules will be available here. You can choose synchronized modules in  Theme option   Affiliate .

id=”11″ – by default, widget will show review box of current review post, but you can set ID of post inside and it will show definite post review box.

I don’t recommend you to enable all parameters, because widget will be too long. It’s better to enable pros/cons OR review criteria bars, offer button OR Content egg offers.