Post layout

From 6.4 version of theme you can use different post layouts for theme. Each post layout has some features and good for different purposes. You can set global post layout in  Theme option   General   Post layout  and set separate post layout for each post in right panel.

Some post layouts are created special for combinations with Content Egg plugin. They allow to have powerful price comparison layout + content blocks (google, youtube, images, specifications) in just one click

There are some hybrid layouts: ‘Price comparison’ (Content Egg + Multi-offer). What does it mean?.. The theme has many ways to use it for affiliate marketing and money making. One of the way is to Add offers manually. Another way is to use Content Egg plugin. Hybrid post layout will check all deals in Multi-offer section of post (You can enable Multi-offer section in  Theme option   Affiliate ) and in Content Egg, then create combined list of deals. You can use these layouts also only for Multi-offers or only for Content Egg.

When do you need to use Content Egg or Multi-offer. For example, if you create product price comparison site which shows prices from different affiliate systems, like Amazon, Ebay, Zanox, Flipkart, Affiliate Window – it’s better to use Content Egg. This is powerful ‘all in one’ instrument and theme has extended functions for it. Read here. But, if you want to create, for example, local site for car dealers. And you want to compare prices from several dealers. You can have direct contracts with dealers and they can pay you for links on your site. In this case, such links can be added manually with Multi-offer section of theme. Users can add also additional links to comparison lists from frontend of the website. You can use this to create powerful community.

Important thing – for all combined layouts (Multi-offer + Content Egg) – you must enable synchronization with Content Egg modules in  Theme option   Affiliate .

Also we added some auto content post layouts. They are working only with combination for Content Egg and creates powerful review, price comparison posts automatically. All you need to do is search by keyword in plugin. Enable Amazon, Youtube, Google, Flipkart to get best results + any other.