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User reviews

Theme has 2 ways of user reviews. You can choose them in  Theme options   Review 

Simple ratings. It is just 5 star rating function that works on AJAX.

User reviews with criteria based on comment function and it allows to set full review with criteria.

If someone leave user review and you approve this review, your review box will show editor’s review score and user review score

How to make user reviews without Editor’s review

By default, User review criterias will have the same criterias as Editor’s review, so, you must have it in post. You can also make them work independently.
For this, go to Theme options and enable user reviews in  Theme options   Review   Type of user ratings . Set show only users review

Also, if you have editor and user reviews, you can choose schema type. (This is for star snippet in Google). If you have popular site where people leave comments very often, I recommend schema based on user reviews.

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