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Better Product Filtering

We support several ways to add product filters for shop.

First of all, you need to add global attributes to products to make filters

Default Woocommerce widgets

This is most light and most simple

You can add Next widgets

Themify Product Filters plugin

Product Filters

It works very well, support ajax loading, simple to customize and have really clean design. You can choose different designs for each filter, like dropbox, radiobutton, checkbox, icons.


Compatibility with other plugins

There are many other good product filter plugins like WOOF, Advanced product Filters, etc. Sometimes you will have problem that after filtering, images will not be visible in products. You can add javascript hook for “after search” event

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
       var source = $(this).attr("data-src");
       $(this).attr("src", source).css({'opacity': '1'});

Ask plugin’s author where to add this. P.s. you don’t need to do this for WOOF plugin and Advanced Product Filters, because we already added support for them in theme