Coupon functions

Our theme has coupon functions for Posts and for Products. I recommend to use Products coupons ONLY when you want to make Offline Coupon site where you provide printable coupons for local companies. For all other – use Post Coupons. If you want to have also reviews on site, enable Separate Blog section on site and use reviews in Blog and Coupons in Posts

Post Coupons (no printable option)

Before you launch coupon functions in Posts, you must add some small preparations.

First of all, enable additional Store taxonomy in  Theme option – affiliate – Enable Affiliate Store taxonomy for posts  Change url of such stores if you need. Then, go to Settings – Permalinks and resave them. You don’t need to edit anything in Settings – Permalinks page, just click on Save button

Next thing – you should use our Rewise or Recash child theme, because they are optimized for price comparison and coupon functions

For coupons – I recommend to use Deal Grid layout, which you can enable for your site in theme option – general – category layout (blog layout, search layout)

it has next design

By default, grid shows price and logo area, but, usually coupons don’t have price, so, it’s better to disable this area in grid. For general pages, you can do this in theme option – general – Show in default grid price area (choose “Nothing”)

The same option is available in options of Deal grid module when you use Page builder

After configuring view of Coupons, it’s time to configure design of inner pages of coupons. You can choose global and local Post layout for this. The best Post layouts for Coupons are:

  1. Compact (button before title) – demo
  2. Compact (button after title) – demo
  3. Big post offer block – demo

Also, usually coupons have a very low amount of text, so, you can also disable One share button area in theme option – global enable/disable. You can also disable related article section. If you want to change title of “related articles” and comment section, most easy way to do this – theme option – localization

How to add coupons to post

To add coupons manually, go down in Post edit page and find Post Offer section. Required fields for coupons are Url and Coupon text. You can add there coupon code, expiration date and also enable Reveal function (coupon button will hide coupon and it will be visible only on click which will trigger pop-under).

But, usually, users add coupon with bulk import tool, because most of affiliate networks provide coupon feeds.

To add coupon with import tool – use Bulk Import extension with Our Post addon. You can also allow users to assign Coupons to your site from frontend

Woocommerce External Product Coupon

You can assign coupons also to woocommerce products. Make your product a External type and you will see additional fields.

Woocommerce product also has option to enable Printable coupons. You can enable in theme option – shop settings. This will add additional fields where you can add custom urls to coupon images (for example for flyers). Use woocommerce coupons only if you need printable option. Standard look of woocommerce product with coupon

If you want to create frontend forms where users can add printable coupons, use keys

rehub_woo_coupon_coupon_img_url – for url of coupon image. Make this field as File Type, so, users can add own images

rehub_woo_coupon_code – for coupon code

In frontend form

Coupon Shortcode

If you don’t need coupon site, but you want to add some coupon blocks to posts, you can use Offerbox in shortcode generator

As Alternative, you can use Coupon Module of Content Egg (available in free bundled version of plugin).

Custom code area for Coupons

In theme option – ads option – Coupon area, you can add any shortcode or text which will be rendered in coupon modal (for masked coupons). For example, you can add Email form

Example of such form code

<h4 class="mt20">SUBSCRIBE TO OUR LIST</h4>

[rh_mailchimp action="//" inputname="b_4b4bbda55bb6deb367e6f52d9_6b32851a5b" flat=1 button="Subscribe" placeholder="Email address"]

<p class="chimp_subtitle mt10 greycolor">Don't worry, we don't spam</p>

You can use our helper classes for text formation

Coupon Filter for page builder

If you have coupons only in some categories of posts and you want to show all of them as separate block of page, use page builder All Post modules have option to sort coupons.

And in WP Bakery

But this is optional, because if you want to separate Coupons and Posts reviews (articles), it’s better to enable separate Blog section as we wrote above

How to use brand logo image if no image in Post

When you use bulk import tools you, maybe, don’t have product image. Usually, this happens when you import different coupons and offers. Very often, coupon feeds don’t have any product image.

So, for this, you may want to show brand logo image for such posts. (How to add brand (store) to post).

For this, Download zip file

Then, go to Plugins – add new and upload this file, then activate it (RH Fallback image plugin).

Optimizing Store pages

When you enable Store taxonomy, you can have Store pages. Example of such page Such page has own widget area and description areas before and after posts. You can check how to configure Store/Brand pages