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Coupon functions

In Rehub theme you can add coupons from Posts and from Products. I recommend you to add coupons in Posts, except cases, when you need Printable coupons (this is available only in Products now).

Post Coupons

To add coupons, go down in Post edit page and find Post Offer section

You can add there coupon code, expiration date and also enable Reveal function (coupon button will hide coupon and it will be visible only on click which will trigger pop-under).

Woocommerce External Product Coupon

You can assign coupons also to woocommerce products. Make your product a External type and you will see additional fields.

Woocommerce product also has option to enable Printable coupons. You can enable in theme option – shop settings. This will add additional fields where you can add custom urls to coupon images (for example for flyers).

If you want to create frontend forms where users can add printable coupons, use keys

rehub_woo_coupon_coupon_img_url – for url of coupon image

rehub_woo_coupon_code – for coupon

Coupon Shortcode

If you don’t need coupon site, but you want to add some coupon blocks to posts, you can use Offerbox in shortcode generator

Custom code area for Coupons

In theme option – ads option – Coupon area, you can add any shortcode or code which will be rendered in coupon modal. For example, you can add Email form

Coupon archives

If you have coupons only in some categories and you want to show all of them as separate block of page, use Visual Composer page builder All Post modules have option to sort coupons.

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