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Coupon functions

From 3.5 version of theme you can add coupons to each offer in theme. All offer panel has field to set coupon + expiration date + option to hide coupon (so, users will see coupon only after click on button and your affiliate link will be opened in another window). You can add coupons from:

To add coupon from post setting use Post offer section: Then fill fields above. Enter your coupon code and coupon end date. All fields are optional.

For each WooCommerce products, you can add coupons. Just add them in bottom of product page in admin:

You can also add coupon block to any page with Offer box shortcode. It’s available from shortcode generator and from Visual Composer.

Coupon archives

What to do if you want to create something like coupon/offer archives? It’s easy.

Add from Visual composer modules grid, columns, lists of offers or WooCommerce offers. If you want to separate coupons from deals – use next settings of Visual composer module:

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